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+ W53-13X

53" 13-Drawer Roll-Wagon Fully Shelf-Closing Ball Bearing Slides

53" 13-Drawer Roll-Wagon
Fully Shelf-Closing
Ball Bearing Slides


  • Fully shelf-closing ball bearing slide .

  • Large diameter surface covered handle,excellent sensible touching .

  • 6"x2" heavy duty roller Column caster.(2 swiVel+2 Swivel With brake )

  • Protecting top of surface with 15mm thick particle board on top of roll-wagon .

  • One piece steel of cabinet body provide more strength to whole one unit body structure .

  • 100 numbers internal locking system for extra security .

  • Quick release design on ball bearing slide can be easily removed for replacement .

  • 100% open ball bearing slide .

  • Strengthen lower part under large drawer,Can be Ioaded with extra large size tools capacity .

  • Patented locking system , pushing unlocked drawer to be locked while all others are locked .

  • Drawers are interchangeable .

  • Four fixture on two sides,can be attached and hung other equipments .

  • Powder coating finishing .

  • Hemmed edge for aII drawers and body to add strength and safety .

  • 2mm protective drawerliners .

Steel thickness:

Top and bottom covers:1.5mm








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