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3-Drawer Middle Chest
Ball Bearing Slides



  • Alum Extrusion drawer’s handle with cardboard and PVC strips to list contents of drawers.

  • Four pins on the four corners of middle chest fasten top chest prevent from moving.

  • 12mm protective mat on the top of the chest.

  • Heavy duty side handles.

  • Powder coating finishing.

  • 2mm protective drawer liners.

  • 100 numbers internal locking system for extra security.

  • Quick release design on ball bearing slide can be easily removed for replacement.

  • Drawer detent ( stopper) prevent unintentional opening of drawer.

  • 100% open ball bearing slide.

  • “X” shape embossed at top and middle chest bottom provide better strength.

  • Rubber pod under the bottom of four corners prevent chest slip.

Steel thickness:




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